Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Lunging Success!

Last Thursday, I successfully lunged Thomas! He was a bit distracted initially; I don't think he knew what we expected of him. I was very glad that Fiona (Crawford - friend and equestrian photographer) was there to start him off and get him under control.

By the time I took over the lunge rein he was a little lamb; listening to my voice commands and responding almost instantly. What a star!

I am amazed at how much that little pony has developed since my Mum bought him two years ago. Although we fell in love with him from the start, he was a tricky chap to handle and he just didn't seem to get us. It just goes to show how valuable time and patience are with horses. We both rushed him at first I think, wanting to build a firm bond and enjoy riding him. However, it has taken two years to get to the point where I feel that Thomas is working with us, rather than just for us. A subtle, but important difference. Not that he is perfect all of the time...

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