Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Catching up...

So much has been going on in the last few weeks that the time has just flown by! I have been making the most of the spring sunshine and spending plenty of time with Thomas and his aging companion Foxy. Both are losing their coats rapidly now and require lots of grooming!

Since I last up-dated, I have tested out another new route with Thomas, which was a real success. He really enjoys exploring new places and I'm sure it does us both more good than sticking to the tried and tested circuits. We are lucky, being based in Mid-Devon, that most of the lanes are very quiet and they all tend to link up together so we have miles and miles of glorious countryside to explore.

We have also had a go at lunging; at first with me riding to see how we got on. Thomas seemed to know what he was doing, but I am not so confident. When I lunged in the past, Foxy wasn't very keen on the idea and I don't think I asked quite the right questions of her. So I have been right back to basics and have had some help with the techniques of lunging. I am going to have a go with Thomas tomorrow. Fingers crossed!

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