Thursday, 12 March 2009

The First Post

For my first ever Blog post, I hoped I would be able to tell a wonderful tale about a glorious hack in the warm spring sunshine. Unfortunately, last Sunday's ride could not be further from that vision. Approximately five minutes after we set off, the strong wind brought a heavy hail storm over us. In disgust, Thomas stopped still, in the middle of the lane, bum turned towards the stones of ice and refused to budge until it had passed over. To give him his due, he wasn't at all scared by the howling wind or the falling twigs - but he wasn't going to actually move in it!

After the shower had passed, the sun arrived and it was slightly warmer. However, we were both very wet and I was cold, so we cut our ride a bit short and just completed a forty minute circuit. It is a route we both enjoy; a little way along a quiet lane before dropping down a farm track and then climbing up a steep hill towards home. Great for me, not quite as relaxing for my husband who accompanied us on his bike!

Fingers crossed for better weather this weekend and a bit of sunshine.


  1. So good to see your blog up and running. Keep up the fantastic work. F

  2. love the blog it looks great...